Day of the veterinarian of Russia (31/08)

The Day of the Veterinary Worker, celebrated annually on August 31, appeared in Russia in 2011 with the blessing of the Russian Orthodox Church and was first called the Orthodox Day of the Veterinarian.

The initiative group of the Russian Agricultural Academy of Sciences sent a petition to Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia. In it, pundits proposed to consider the day of memory of the holy martyrs Florus and Laurus (August 31 - according to the new style) as a church holiday for veterinarians.

The primate of the Russian Orthodox Church signed the corresponding decree on March 23, 2011, recommending that this day be celebrated on the canonical territory of the Russian Orthodox Church, and it received the status of an official state professional holiday on June 11, 2014, according to order No. 188 of the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation N.V. Fedorov "On the establishment of a professional holiday - the Day of the veterinary worker".