International Day of Traffic Light (05/08)

International Traffic Light Day is celebrated on August 5 to commemorate an event that took place in 1914. On this day, the first forerunner of modern devices appeared in the American city of Cleveland. It had red and green lights, and when the light switched, it emitted a sound signal.

However, the very first traffic light was invented by Briton Jay Knight back in the 19th century. This apparatus was installed near the Houses of Parliament in London in 1868. Three years later, his flashlight exploded and injured a policeman. After that, the traffic light was forgotten for almost 50 years - until 1910, when the first automatic traffic light device with two-color lights was developed and patented.

Three-color traffic lights, similar to modern ones, were first seen by residents of Detroit and New York in 1920. Over time, devices have become popular in different cities of America and Europe.