Festival at the Museum Embankment in Frankfurt am Main (26/08)

The feast on the Museum Embankment (Museumsuferfest) is the culmination of the cultural life of Frankfurt am Main (Germany) - it is one of the largest and most significant cultural holidays and festivals in Europe. The holiday takes place annually on the last full weekend of August for three days.

But in 2021, due to the coronavirus pandemic, festival events have been canceled.

The Museum Embankment (Museumsufer) is an embankment on the south bank of the Main River in Frankfurt in the area between the Eiserner-Steg and Friedensbrücke bridges. It got its name because of the large number of museums that are located on it, and is the cultural center of the city, as many cultural and city events take place here. In general, the people of Frankfurt love to celebrate and have fun, and one of their favorite holidays is the Museum Embankment Festival, which also attracts more than 2 million tourists to the city every year.