Baha Festival in Leipzig (10/06)

The Bach Festival in Leipzig (Bachfest Leipzig) is an international music festival and the most prestigious festival in Germany dedicated to the work of the great German composer Johann Sebastian Bach. It takes place annually in Leipzig in mid-June and lasts 10 days.

It should be said that several festivals dedicated to Bach are held in Germany every year, but Leipzig is the most famous. It has been held with great success for many years and is traditionally in high demand among fans of this great composer. Many famous musicians and music lovers of "eternal music" from all over the world come here.

Of course, Leipzig - a city known for its cultural traditions - is associated not only with the name of Bach - Mendelssohn, Schumann, Schiller lived here at different times. But it is with Leipzig that the most fruitful era in the life and work of Bach is connected - here in the Church of St. Thomas for more than 20 years he played the organ and led the boys' choir. And here - in front of the entrance to the church - there is a monument to Bach, and he is buried at the altar of this church.