Gourmet Festival in St. Moritz (28/01)

Gourmet Festival in St. Moritz (Gourmet Festival) is an annual gastronomic festival that takes place in the winter, since 1994, in the famous ski resort of Switzerland for several days.

St. Moritz is a beautiful and popular resort at the foot of a mountain with beautiful scenery and developed tourist infrastructure. There are many boutiques, restaurants, nightclubs, casinos, museums, sports complexes... Social life in St. Moritz is also very rich - every year only during the winter season there are more than a hundred official events - cultural, sports, social.

No less than the ski slopes, St. Moritz has also long been famous for its restaurants, and the Engadine Valley has a long tradition as the leading culinary region in the Alps. Therefore, it is here - on the "Top of the World" at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level - that the festival of "haute cuisine" takes place.