The ninth day of Ridwan (29/04)

Today, the Bahai celebrate the Ninth Day of Ridwan ( Ninth Day of Ridvan ). On this day in 1863, Baha'a'u'llah ( ) the founder of Vera Bahai — announced his mission in the garden near Baghdad.

The proclamation of Bahaulli is annually celebrated as the twelve-day Ridwan Festival. The first, ninth and twelfth day of Ridwan is especially noted.

Most Bahai elections take place during Ridwan. Communities elect Local Spiritual Assemblies. National Spiritual Assemblies are also elected during Ridwan. And every five years, members of the World House of Justice — the central governing body of the Bahai community are elected.

Every year, the World House of Justice sends the Baha'is of the whole world a Message to Ridwan.