National Donor Day in Russia (20/04)

Every year on April 20, since 2007, Russia has celebrated one of the most important social holidays - National Donor Day. This Day is dedicated, first of all, to the donors themselves - people who donate their blood for free for the benefit of the health and life of complete strangers. This Day is also dedicated to doctors who take blood, control the sanitary condition of blood transfusion stations, develop methods and equipment, and carefully examine the donated drugs.

The reason for the holiday was a very humane event - on April 20, 1832, the young St. Petersburg obstetrician Andrey Martynovich Wolf for the first time successfully performed a blood transfusion to a woman in labor with obstetric bleeding. The woman's life was saved thanks to the competent work of the doctor and the donated blood of the patient's husband.

The very same Day of the donor, in memory of this first blood transfusion, was established on February 20, 2007 at the "round table" on the problems of donation and blood service, held in the State Duma of the Russian Federation.