Yaanov day in Estonia (24/06)

In Estonia, the second most important national holiday after Christmas is Jaanov (Ivanov) day - the day of midsummer.

On this day, the girls wove wreaths of nine different types of flowers, nine flowers of each type. When the wreath was put on the head, it was impossible to say a word. With him, the girl went to bed. According to legend, in a dream, her future husband was supposed to come to her and remove the wreath.

This is a traditional important summer holiday and the days of the summer solstice. On the eve of Ivan's Day, bonfires are lit, then they dance all night, sing, drink beer, jump over the fire and look for a fern flower in the forest, which, according to legend, blooms only on Ivan's night. The one who finds the flower will find great wealth and happiness. The fire was made on the mountain or by the sea. Bathing in rivers and lakes, like Russians in the old days on the day of Ivan Kupala, is not common among Estonians. But on this day they like to go to the sauna. It is accepted that bath brooms should be prepared only until June 24th. Since it is believed that after Ivan's Day, the broom does not have healing power.