Biographer Day (16/05)

Paraphrasing famous words, we can say: if someone writes biographies, then someone reads them. And today is the day when you should reread the biography of your favorite writer, artist or get acquainted with the biography of a person who has long been of interest to you. Or maybe there will be time to remember the details of your own life and start compiling an autobiography.

Why exactly today? Because May 16 is Biographers Day. Today, knowledgeable and inquisitive people celebrate the anniversary of the first meeting of Samuel Johnson (Samuel Johnson, 1709-1784) with his biographer James Boswell (James Boswell, 1740-1795). The men met in a bookstore in London in 1763, and the result of the meeting and their relationship was the two-volume Life of Samuel Johnson, published in 1791.

As you know, the Englishman Samuel Johnson, or Doctor Johnson, as he was more commonly called, was an outstanding critic, lexicographer and poet of the second half of the 18th century. His most famous work was the Dictionary of the English Language, on which Johnson worked for 9 years.