King Kameamea Day in Hawaii (11/06)

Today there is a good reason to remember one of the US states, which is almost four thousand kilometers away from the mainland. Every year on June 11 in Hawaii, as well as in some parts of the United States, one of the oldest public holidays, King Kamehameha Day, is widely and noisily celebrated.

King Kamehameah Day was proclaimed in 1871 by King Kamehameah V in honor of his great grandfather, King Kamehameah I or, as he is more commonly known, Kamehameah the Great. By royal decree, the first King Kamehameah Day was celebrated on June 11, 1872. Interestingly, this Day was one of the first holidays that was proclaimed after Hawaii received the status of the 50th US state in 1959.

Kamehameha the Great was the reigning monarch of the Hawaiian Islands from 1782 until the very last day of his life, May 8, 1819. He is very well known and respected by the people for his contribution to the unification of the islands and the founding of the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1810.