Emancipation Day (Lreedom Day) in the United States (19/06)

Every year on June 19, many US states celebrate Emancipation Day or Freedom Day.

Emancipation Day began with the emancipation of the African-American population of Texas from slavery in 1862. And Texas became the first state to declare this June day a public holiday since 1890.

The word "emancipation" in its modern meaning means the independence and equality of all people (regardless of skin color, gender and social status) in social, work and family life. In addition, this term also implies the right of women, and not just men, to receive an education, work in any position, receive a decent salary, as well as the right to elect and be elected to state or municipal authorities.

And, of course, African Americans celebrate Freedom Day most actively. On this day, they arrange performances with elements of traditional culture, as well as dances and songs. In general, on this holiday it is customary to hold various public educational and sports events, and someone likes to relax on this day with friends or family in nature.