Library Day of the Republic of Belarus (15/09)

Every year on September 15, all librarians in Belarus, and with them many readers, celebrate their professional holiday. The Day of Libraries (Dzen bіbliyatek) appeared in the country in 2001 by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus of September 8, 2001, and the date of the holiday - September 15 - was chosen in honor of the founding day of the National Library, the main book depository of the country.

The National Library, formerly named after Vladimir Lenin, was founded in 1922. It was based on the book collections collected for the library of the Belarusian State University; the largest libraries of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of the Soviet Union also sent books here.

Before the Great Patriotic War, the library in Minsk was the seventh in the country in terms of the number of copies and the value of publications, and, moreover, it was among the 30 best libraries in the world. By 1941, there were more than 2 million volumes, and the number of regular readers exceeded 15 thousand people. Unfortunately, during the war years, 80 percent of the books were destroyed or taken away by the Nazis. However, already in 1944, just a few days after the liberation of Minsk, the government decided to restore the library. In October 1944, it was already opened to readers.