Weapon Day in Russia (19/09)

Gunsmith's Day in Russia is a professional holiday for all employees of enterprises of the military-industrial complex of Russia, the creators of domestic weapons, specialists involved in the history of the development of weapons and the study of the traditions of Russian weapons. It appeared in Russia in 2010, thanks to, perhaps, the most famous gunsmith of our time - Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov, the creator of the already legendary AK-47 assault rifle.

This holiday has a very interesting history. On May 25, 2010, Vladimir Putin (then chairman of the Russian government) visited Izhevsk, where he made a tour of the Izhmash defense enterprise. The Prime Minister toured the workshops that have been producing weapons for decades, and talked with designer Mikhail Kalashnikov near the stand with various modifications of the famous machine gun.

It was during that conversation that Kalashnikov asked Putin to establish a day for the Russian gunsmith. “We strive to do everything so that Russia takes its rightful place in the arms market,” the designer said. “We ask you to make a day so that once a year we can gather and sum up the results. Such a peculiar day of gunsmiths. The Prime Minister promised that such a day would appear on the calendar, especially since the Union of Russian Gunsmiths also made a similar request.