Engineering Day in Ukraine (25/09)

Every year on the fourth Sunday of September, Ukraine celebrates the Day of the Machine Builder (Ukrainian Day of the Machine Worker).

The date of the professional holiday of workers of mechanical engineering and instrument making is fixed by the Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 361/93 of September 8, 1993.

In the machine-building complex of Ukraine, which includes more than 20 specialized industries, there are over 2800 industrial enterprises and 230 organizations that perform scientific and scientific and technical work. The total number of employees is over 1 million people.

In Ukraine, there is a fairly extensive structure of transport engineering, which includes enterprises for the production of diesel locomotives, wagons, cars and trucks and other types of transport.

The main components of the machine-building industry market in Ukraine are the products of such industries as transport and power engineering, automotive industry, as well as machine-building for the petrochemical and chemical, metallurgical and mining industries, machine tool building.