World Thyroid Day (25/05)

Every year on May 25, World Thyroid Day ( World Thyroid Day ) is celebrated in many countries.

The date entered the calendar in 2009, when the European Tyroid Association ( European Thyroid Association, ETA — this organization is studying issues related to the thyroid gland and its diseases ) proposed to celebrate the day, dedicated to this topic, May 25 at the international level. This initiative was supported by other medical communities of this orientation, working in Asia, North and Latin America.

A new world day on the calendar helps to carry out additional activities aimed at raising public awareness of possible thyroid diseases and methods for preventing them, as well as the promotion of modern methods of prevention and treatment of diseases of this body.

The thyroid gland ( « thyroid » ) is considered one of the largest organs of the endocrine system. It produces hormones that regulate the metabolism in the body, affecting cell growth and body development. Thyroid hormones help regulate oxygen consumption by body tissues, they are responsible for the normal operation of the immune system: stimulate its cells, with which the body has to deal with infections. Thus, the thyroid gland affects all aspects of a person’s life, including even his mood and appearance.

According to medical statistics, up to one third of the total population of the planet suffers from various problems in the thyroid gland. Nodal formations are detected in 30 percent of adults, goiter ( iron enlargement as a result of iodine deficiency ) — in 10 – 30 percent.

Meanwhile, most of the diseases of this important body are now considered treatable. As for diseases caused by iodine deficiency, they can be completely prevented by — for example, through universal iodization programs of edible salt, which operates in many countries of the world. Sources of iodine in nutrition are seafood: sea cabbage, squids, cod liver, sea fish, shrimp.

On World Thyroid Day, medical organizations hold specialized — events, forums, seminars that discuss the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases.