Turkmen melon day (14/08)

Every year on the second Sunday of August, all of Turkmenistan, and especially the Bakhchevod and market traders, celebrate the national holiday — Turkmen melon day ( Turkm. Gawun baýramy ). It was established in 1994 by the country's first president, Saparmurat Niyazov.

For several millennia, melons have been grown in Turkmenistan, including sweet, juicy, aromatic melons. This is confirmed by archaeological finds: several seeds of melon were discovered at the excavations of the ancient settlement of Gyaur-Kala.

Turkmen melons to this day remain the favorite treat of residents of many countries, especially the former Soviet republics. And in Turkmenistan itself, they are considered part of the great heritage, national wealth, a symbol of the talent and industriousness of local farmers, worthy of the continuing traditions of their ancestors.

Currently, over 1.6 thousand melon varieties that are grown in different countries of the world are described. More than 400 of them — are Turkmen melon varieties created by local breeders. More than 200 samples of local selection melons are cultivated on the country's melon plantations. Most of them were restored during the years of independence by the joint efforts of scientists and folk breeders. « The Queen of the Bakhchi » — that is what melon is called in Turkmenistan — poets devote poetry, writers — stories and essays, artists portray it on still lifes and landscapes.

On Turkmen melon Day, mass festivities are organized in the capital of Ashgabat. Here you can visit the exhibition of melons, try different varieties of melons and watermelons, as well as national dishes prepared from them.

In different cities of the country, in addition, concerts and fairs are held. And on this day, the President of Turkmenistan awards the best bakhchevodov and collectors of the country — winners of the contest with the promising name « Golden Bakhcha of the Golden Age ».