International Day without Meat (20/03)

International Day Without Meat has been celebrated by many countries since 1985. On this day, March 20, shops and restaurants refuse to sell meat, and activists promote vegetarianism, as well as ideas of compassion for animals and environmental protection.

In some countries, the holiday has received state support: for example, in Sri Lanka, authorities strongly recommend that supermarket owners refrain from meat products. In Russia, this date was first celebrated in 2012. In particular, in St. Petersburg, volunteers handed out fruits and leaflets to passers-by on the streets about the benefits of vegetarianism for humans and nature.

According to statistics, humanity annually kills more than 60 billion animals (excluding fish, arthropods and mollusks) in order to eat them. At the same time, about a billion people around the world are starving and lack clean drinking water. And for the production of one kilogram of meat today, more than 10 kilograms of grain and over 15 liters of water are needed. Given the world's meat production, the amount of grain that is used for this would be enough to feed all the starving inhabitants of the planet.