Day of the employee of the prosecutor's office of the Russian Federation (12/01)

The Day of the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation has been celebrated annually on January 12, since 1996, by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 1329 of December 29, 1995, given the role of the prosecutor's office in strengthening the rule of law in the state.

On January 12 (according to the old style), 1722, by the Decree of Peter the Great, the post of Prosecutor General was first established under the Senate. The Decree literally read: "The Prosecutor General and the Chief Prosecutor must be in the Senate, as well as in any Collegium for the Prosecutor, who will have to report to the Prosecutor General."

Also, the Decree established the main duties and powers of the Prosecutor General to oversee the Senate and lead the subordinate bodies of the prosecutor's office. By creating the prosecutor's office, Peter I sought to "destroy or weaken the evil resulting from disorder in business, injustice, bribery and lawlessness." The prosecutor controlled the financial statements and statements of the collegiums. A few days later, the positions of prosecutors were also introduced at court courts, and the prosecutor's office was placed above the fiscal authorities.