National Waffle Day in the USA (24/08)

On August 24, sweet lovers celebrate National Waffle Day in America. However, there are two whole holidays in honor of this dessert: in addition to the American one, there is also International Waffle Day, celebrated on March 25th.

What is the difference between American delicacy? These waffles are not crispy plates that Europeans are used to, but small “pancakes” that are cooked in a special double frying pan (waffle iron) and which have a pronounced “pattern” in the form of honeycombs. They are baked from a special dough made with slaked soda, while other countries use yeast dough.

American waffles differ from their foreign "sisters" in appearance: they are thin, square in shape. It is with the shape of the waffles (or rather, with a square device for their manufacture) that the date of the holiday is connected. On August 24, 1869, Cornelius Swarthout, a resident of Troy, New York, received the country's first patent for a waffle pan. It consisted of two parts (bottom and lid). The pan had to be turned over so that the waffles baked evenly.