The day of glorification of St. Olaf, King of Norway (29/07)

On July 29, Norway celebrates the Day of Remembrance of the King, St. Olaf II (St. Olaf) - the national hero, the unifier of the state and the patron saint of Norway. The introduction of Christianity in the country is associated with his name.

Saint Olaf II Haraldsson (Olaf II Haraldsson), King of Norway (995 - July 29, 1030), baptizer and enlightener of the Norwegians, was for many centuries one of the most revered saints of Northern Europe. After the death of Olaf in the battle with bonds at Stiklestad (Stiklestad) on July 29, 1030, numerous cases of miracles from his holy relics were noted, which turned out to be incorrupt.

The glorification of Olaf in the face of saints took place on August 3, 1031. “Many then began to appeal to him in their prayers, asking him to help in their needs,” says the saga of Olaf the Holy. “Such prayers helped many: some received healing from an illness, others received good luck on a journey or anything else they needed.” From the sandy hill where the king was first buried, a holy spring gushed out, with water from which people were cured of their ailments. The tomb of Olaf under a bushel in the cathedral of the city of Nidaros (now Trondheim) became one of the largest centers of pilgrimage throughout Scandinavia. In honor of St. Olaf, temples were erected throughout Scandinavia and the Baltic.