Blog Day (31/08)

The idea to celebrate Blog Day on August 31 appeared in 2005, when active users of LiveJournal saw the number 3108 in the word blog. Therefore, the date of the holiday was set on August 31 (August 31).

The initiators of the Blog Day call to dedicate it to meeting comrades from different countries and with different interests. To do this, it is proposed to write short reviews about five different blogs and publish these entries on August 31 with links to the author's pages. It is believed that it is best to write on this day about blogs that diverge from the scope of the author’s usual interests, his point of view and life position, so that both the user himself and visitors to his page discover something new.

Bloggers embraced the idea with enthusiasm. When August 31 was first declared a holiday, 30,000 new pages immediately appeared in the Google index. And in 2007, in connection with this date, the contest of the best blogs Best of Blogs began. Both traditional text blogs and audio and video podcasts can participate in it in one of 14 competitive languages: Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, German, English, French, Dutch, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Indonesian, Ukrainian, Turkish and Hindi.