World Stroke Day (29/10)

World stroke Day ( World Stroke Day ), which was established by the World Organization for the Control of Insult ( World Stroke Organization, WSO ) in 2006, is celebrated worldwide on October 29, with the aim of calling for urgent action in the global fight against this disease.

But the history of the date celebrated today began in 2004, when the World Health Organization announced a stroke of the global epidemic, and in 2006 the World Organization for the Suppression of Insult was created, which established this Day.

Today, the organization includes more than 3.5 thousand individual members and more than 60 organizations from 85 countries. These are scientists, scientific organizations and societies to combat stroke.

A stroke — is a condition in which, as a result of the cessation of blood flow to the brain due to clogging of the artery or blood transfusion, damage or death of nerve cells occurs through the rupture of the vessel wall; it is a rapidly developing cerebrovascular accident, with simultaneous damage to brain tissue and an upset of its functions.

Factors that can provoke a stroke, — high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, elevated cholesterol, obesity, lack of physical activity, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

This ailment to this day remains one of the main causes of death and disability both in the world and in Russia. According to WHO, 6.7 million people a year die as a result of a stroke worldwide. Vascular diseases account for more than half of deaths, and if recently a stroke occurred mainly in patients over 55-60 years old, then at present, about a third of cases occur in people of working age ( 25-50 years ).

In Russia, stroke mortality — is one of the highest in the world. As the cause of death, he ranks third after coronary heart disease and oncological diseases. It accounts for 175 deaths for every 100 thousand people. According to the National Register of Strokes, 31 percent of people who have suffered this disease need outside help, 20 percent cannot walk on their own, and only eight percent of surviving patients can return to their previous job.

One of the most important ways to prevent stroke is to provide good nutrition, taking into account all macro and microintraents. Often, the risk of stroke can be significantly reduced by debugging the diet - at least exclude « trash » food and refined products, reduce the consumption of sweets.

Preventive measures are of great importance in solving the problem of increasing morbidity worldwide. Many of them coincide just with World Stroke Day. In particular, the action « Tell No stroke — lend a hand to health is held in Russia! ».

In addition, in Russia, on the initiative of a group of relatives of patients and the National Association for the Control of Insult ( NABI ), in 2006, an interregional fund was established to help relatives of patients with stroke « ORBI ». This public organization teaches relatives of patients the basics of care, provides them with information about medical and rehabilitation centers, and conducts educational campaigns for the general population. Many of them take place at the end of October — on Stroke Day.

After all, the main task of the events and the entire campaign held as part of the Day, — raising the awareness of the world community, and especially youth, about the problem of stroke, the importance of the correct and timely provision of first aid ( the first aid provided on time in many cases helps not only to save lives, but also to prevent disability ) and, of course, about preventive measures.