Education Day of the prosecution authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan (06/12)

Every year on December 6, employees of the prosecutor's office of Kazakhstan celebrate their professional holiday - the Day of the formation of the prosecutor's office of the Republic.

The State Prosecutor's Office of Kazakhstan began to work as part of the People's Commissariat of Justice since 1922. In 1933, the powers of the prosecutor's office were expanded: under the People's Commissariat of Justice, a department of the prosecutor's office was formed, which became relatively independent.

An important stage in the development of the prosecutor's office began in 1936, when the new Constitution of the USSR gave Kazakhstan the rights of a sovereign Union Republic. Since that moment, the State Prosecutor's Office began to work as an independent structure of law enforcement agencies. In November 1937, an order was issued to separate the People's Commissariat of Justice and the prosecutor's office, which became directly subordinate to the USSR prosecutor.