Netherlands Liberation Day (05/05)

May 5 is a national holiday in the Netherlands - Liberation Day (Dutch. Bevrijdingsdag). It was established in honor of the anniversary of the country's liberation from Nazi occupation in 1945.

On May 5, 1945, in the building of the Mir Hotel in the Dutch city of Wacheningen, an act of surrender was signed for a group of German troops in the Netherlands.

In honor of this festive date, various thematic events and festivals are held in different cities of the Netherlands. Famous ensembles, singers, musicians take part in them. The festivals attract hundreds of thousands of Dutch people, especially young people.

The celebration of Liberation Day usually ends in the evening in the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, with folk festivals and a concert on the banks of the Amstel River. Traditionally, representatives of the royal family and the first persons of the state are present at the concert.

Liberation Day is preceded by Memorial Day on May 4, when church services are held throughout the country in memory of the victims of World War II.