World Turtle Day (23/05)

On May 23, World Turtle Day ( World Turtle Day ) — an animal symbolizing wisdom, wealth and longevity is celebrated in many countries.

This unusual holiday originated in 2000 at the initiative of the American Society for the Salvation of Turtles ( American Tortoise Rescue ). This organization was founded by enthusiasts in 1990 in Malibu ( California, USA ) to preserve the population of turtles living in the vicinity of the city.

The purpose of the holiday was to attract public attention to the problem of the death of a large number of turtles due to the proximity to humans.

According to scientists, turtles appeared on Earth long before people. For example, sea turtles have lived in the oceans of the world for over 100 million years. However, today the survival of these living dinosaur witnesses is at risk.

Moreover, they die not only because of their accidental catch by people during the fishing of other inhabitants of the seas and oceans. Another problem lies in the active development of the beach strip: sea turtles lay eggs on the beaches, and cubs should freely enter the ocean. Human intervention greatly complicates this process.

The destruction of the habitat, disease and climate change pose a great threat. So, climate change affects gender balance in populations. Some species of turtles have already disappeared from the wild. And the process of extinction of turtles is ongoing.

Also, environmental pollution with plastic and other human waste has a great impact. As experts explain, many sea turtles mistakenly take plastic for jellyfish and other food. Fragments of the material block digestion, injure internal organs, lead to depletion and death of animals.

Three of the seven species — green, bisse turtle and Atlantic Ridley — are endangered or endangered species are listed in the Red List of Threatened Species, published by the nonprofit International Union for Conservation of Nature ( IUCN ). Three more species — leathery, olive turtle and loggerhead — in « vulnerable » status.

Photo: Kristina Vackova, licensed by

It is important to remember that everything in nature is interconnected. Leather turtles and bisex help control populations of jellyfish and sponges. Green sea turtles eat sea grass, which should be low for the reproduction of many fish species in it. That is why it is very important to protect every species and save turtles from extinction.

On this day, actions are held in all places where turtles live, during which volunteers save animals by making crossings for them under busy highways in places of migration or in other dangerous places. Also, the protesters seek for the sea coast, where sea turtles lay their eggs, the status of territories protected by law.

In recent years, Turtle Day has been celebrated not only in those parts of the globe where these animals are found, but also in many other countries of the world. On this day, people try to exclude dishes from turtles from their diet, and household items — household items made from their ( shellfish, caskets, etc. ).

The celebration itself includes masquerades in skull costumes with funny scenes from the life of animals, dancing turtles and sending funny postcards with their image. It is enough to turn on the fantasy, and you too can support this wonderful tradition.