Mobilization Day Against the Threat of Nuclear War (29/01)

International Mobilization Day against Nuclear War is celebrated around the world on the anniversary of the adoption of the Delhi Declaration, the main purpose of which is to call for an end to the nuclear arms race, the reduction and subsequent gradual elimination of the world's nuclear arsenals and the elimination of the very threat of nuclear war .

The Delhi Declaration was adopted on January 29, 1985 in the capital of India, New Delhi, at a meeting of heads of state and government of several countries - India, Greece, Mexico, Argentina, Tanzania and Sweden, which became the first countries to sign this document. It is from the moment of the adoption of this declaration on the principles of a nuclear-weapon-free and non-violent world that today's holiday has its history.

It must be recalled that the consequences of nuclear explosions, both for an individual country and for the entire planet, are catastrophic. Indeed, even today, the possibilities of protection against them are very limited, and those who find themselves in the epicenter of the explosion cannot be saved at all. Radiation will cause irreparable damage to both nature and human life and health. All this can lead to fires and epidemics, famine and looting... Increased doses of radiation lead to an increase in cancer in humans, pathologies in newborns, and genetic mutations. And as a result of a large-scale nuclear war, a climate catastrophe will occur, and it is even difficult to imagine that at least some human community will survive anywhere on Earth.