Day of the internal troops of Belarus (18/03)

On March 18, Belarus celebrates the Day of the Internal Troops - a professional holiday for the country's public order guards, established by Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 345 of June 19, 2001.

On the territory of modern Belarus, there have always existed in one form or another institutions for the protection of public order: the princely squad, units of the archery army, internal guards, internal troops. With the acquisition of state independence, the internal troops of the Republic of Belarus received the status of a basic political institution.

March 18, 1918 in Vitebsk, from among the volunteers of a separate team of escort guards, the internal troops of Belarus were created. In 1922, the team becomes subordinate to the Main Political Directorate and is renamed into a separate escort company, with the subordination of the county teams of the cities of Polotsk, Gorodok, Sebezh, Orsha to it.