Earth Day (20/03)

Around the world on March 20, at the initiative of the United Nations, Earth Day is celebrated. Moreover, in the calendar of international holidays there are two Earth Days - today is timed to coincide with the Day of the vernal equinox, and the second - on April 22. The first has a peacemaking and humanistic orientation, the second - environmental.

The date of March 20 was chosen and officially approved in 1971 by the UN for Earth Day precisely because the day of the vernal equinox falls at this time, when the biological rhythm of the planet changes, and it moves to a new round of its development, when nature awakens and renews itself. The UN appeal says: "Earth Day is a special time that is intended to draw the attention of all people to the awareness of the planet Earth as their common home, to feel our all-terrestrial community and mutual dependence on each other."

The founder of this Day is considered to be the famous American public figure John Morton, who in the 1840s launched a campaign to plant trees and shrubs, as part of a program of respect for the environment of every citizen of the country. After becoming secretary of the Territory of Nebraska, in 1872 he proposed that a day be set up to be dedicated to landscaping. This is how the Day of the Tree appeared, which immediately became very popular.