The opening of the parliamentary year in the Netherlands (20/09)

The Hague is the heart of political power in the Netherlands. Over the years, the city has also come to play an important role as an international political centre. Every year on the third Tuesday of September, the official opening of the new Parliamentary Year, also known as "Prince's Day" (Prinsjesdag / The Opening of the New Parliamentary Year), takes place here.

The Hague is not only the official seat of Parliament, the city is known as the home of the Dutch royal family. If a flag is raised over the Huis Ten Bosch Palace, this means that the king of the country (currently Willem-Alexander Klaus Georg Ferdinand, who has been ruling since April 2013) is in his residence.

So, on the third Tuesday of September, the royal family in the famous Golden Carriage, accompanied by an honorary escort, drives up to the parliament building - Binnenhof (Binnenhof). The monarch officially opens the new parliamentary year with the annual greeting. The greeting contains the plans of the government, as well as the state and size of the country's budget for the new parliamentary year.