Parental Saturday of the second week of St. Fourteen (19/03)

The Holy Four-Hessel is called the days of Lent, which lasts exactly seven weeks ( weeklies ). It usually starts in February or March and ends in April-May. At this time, the church calls on believers to be in a close alliance of Christian love and peace, not only with living people, but also with the dead, making prayer commemoration for them on the appointed days.

Memorial days during Lent are appointed on the sabbaths of weeklies, since on all other days of remembrance of the departed ( funeral ectensions, lithiums, memorial services, the third, ninth and fortieth day after death, ) congeniosts are not performed at this time — because there is no complete liturgy daily with which this ritual is associated.

Just in order not to deprive the dead of prayer in the days of St. Fourteenth, and the indicated Saturdays are established. They are called Ecumenical Parent Saturdays, and the requiem itself, performed these days, is called — universal requiem.

Also on these Saturdays, in addition to the commemoration of each one who died separately, the church makes a commemoration of all « from the age of the established fathers and brothers by faith, who have been likened to the Christian death, as well as those who, Being caught by a sudden death, they were not partnered in the afterlife with the prayers of the church ». In the circle of the liturgical year, such days of general remembrance are the sabbaths of the meat and Trinity, as well as the sabbaths of the second, third and fourth weeklies of Great Lent.

On all parental Saturdays, the service is performed according to a special charter.