St. Columbus of Ireland Day (09/06)

June 9 is the feast day of the "most Irish of Irish saints" Columbus Kille, Saint Columba of Ireland (Saint Columba, December 7, 521 - June 9, 597). He is also called Colum Cille - Dove of the Church.

Saint Columba is indeed one of the most "living" early Irish saints. Perhaps even more than Saint Patrick, who, due to his enormous popularity, has almost completely disappeared into folklore.

The estimated date of the saint's birth ranges between 521 and 523, the place of his birth is the town of Gartan in the north of Ireland. He belonged to the royal family of the Wee Neill, and from the very beginning was considered by his relatives as a possible candidate for the throne of the High King. However, he chose a different path, devoting himself from early youth to the service of the Church.