St. Thomas Day in the Netherlands (21/12)

St. Thomas's Day is celebrated in Holland on December 21, the shortest and darkest day of the year.

In general, the day of St. Thomas (or the day of St. Thomas) is a holiday celebrated in a number of countries on December 21 due to the fact that earlier the memory of this apostle in the Catholic Church was celebrated on this day (but then was moved to July 3). Therefore, in most countries, the December 21 holiday has lost its religious content, and, as a rule, it is accompanied by local customs and traditions.

In Holland, this day is the last day of school before the Christmas holidays, and a very funny tradition is timed to coincide with it: on December 21, all students try to come to class as early as possible. Each visitor writes their name on the blackboard. And the student whose name appears last on this list will be teased all day with "sleepy Thomas." Know that on such a day it is simply a shame to sleep for a long time!