Day of Environmental Education (12/05)

On May 12, Russia and the countries of the former USSR celebrate the Day of Environmental Education. The holiday, the purpose of which is the actualization of environmental knowledge in all sciences and all spheres of human activity, was established in 1991.

On this day, various environmental events are held in cities and towns, which are both educational and practical in nature: exhibitions, conferences and competitions of children's creativity on the topic of nature conservation are held, people participate in environmental activities - cleaning the banks of rivers and reservoirs, cleaning parks, landscaping areas. This holiday concerns everyone who takes part in promoting the idea of protecting nature.

The importance of environmental education cannot be overestimated. It is ecological knowledge that allows a person to realize what catastrophic phenomena bad habits in relation to nature can lead to; understand how to avoid such consequences. The highest goal of environmental education is to form the so-called ecological culture.