St. Sylvester's Day is with Western Christians (31/12)

On New Year's Eve, December 31, in many Catholic countries, in particular in Europe, St. Sylvester's Day (Feast of St. Silvestr) is celebrated.

Thanks to the efforts of all, the holiday becomes bigger, more fun and colorful every year. On this day, everyone has fun, jokes, eats a lot, drinks and waits for the New Year to come.

What is the history of this holiday? According to legend, in 314 AD, Pope Sylvester I (Pope St. Sylvester I) caught a terrible monster - the monstrous Old Testament serpent Leviathan. It was believed that in the year 1000 this monster would break free and destroy the world. To everyone's joy, this did not happen - Sylvester defeated the snake and did not give people offense.

Sylvester died on the eve of the new year 336, December 31, 335. The day of his death is revered as the day of Saint Sylvester.

Since then, on December 31, people dress up in fancy dress and call themselves Sylvester Clauses. And in some countries, the tradition has been preserved to call the last day of the outgoing year "Sylvester". Therefore, the question “Where will you go to Sylvester?”, which can be heard in many countries on New Year's Eve, means: “Where will you celebrate the New Year?”.