The day of the creation of the Yunnat movement in Russia (15/06)

Anyone who even a little caught the “pioneer childhood” in the USSR will surely remember such an active direction of pioneer activity as participation in circles of young naturalists (young naturalists) opened at almost all Soviet schools. It turns out that this children's movement did not become a thing of the past along with the pioneers, but is developing in Russia even now.

June 15, 1918 is considered the day of the creation of the youth movement, when employees of the Station of Young Nature Lovers in Sokolniki (Moscow), which arose in the same year, conducted the first organized excursion. This day became the official date of the creation of the first out-of-school institution - the Station of Young Nature Lovers (or the Biostation of Young Naturalists - BYuN).

A year later, four circles were already operating at the station: "Gardeners" (botanists), "Poultry" (ornithologists), "Insects" (entomologists), "Waters" (hydrobiologists). Later, it changed its name and became the Timiryazev Central Biological Station for Young Naturalists. It was here that the youth movement of the country was born.