Russian forest days (15/09)

Forests are the lungs of planet Earth. Their volume and condition largely determine what kind of air people breathe. In addition, the forest is a source of inexhaustible wealth, it feeds, clothes, warms and heals. That is why every person whose activity is connected with the forest industry (by the way, one of the most important in Russia in terms of economy) can be considered, no matter how loud it may sound, the guardian of the future.

From September 15 to 17, a large-scale ecological holiday is celebrated - the Russian Days of the Forest. By this time, mass forest plantations and environmental campaigns in defense of the forest are traditionally timed.

In Russia, the idea of collective planting of forests (mainly by schoolchildren) arose in the last decade of the 19th century. The arborist Mitrofan Tursky became an activist in this matter. In 1894, on his initiative, the management of public schools in the Southwestern Territory issued a circular "On the planting of trees by pupils of public schools on land belonging to schools."

The first official forest planting holiday in Russia was held in Kharkov. It was designed to "inspire the younger generation with a love for nature, for tree planting and instill in them the awareness of the importance of protecting public and private gardens and parks." The organizers of the holiday paid great attention to creating an emotional atmosphere, hoping that the “solemnly arranged school tree planting festival” would make the right impression on the children and make them want to participate in tree planting every year.

At present, forest planting campaigns have already become a good tradition in many Russian regions.