Spouse Day in Iceland (21/01)

At the end of January, Iceland celebrates Husband's Day every year.

Around this day, according to the Old Norse calendar, the harsh winter month of Torri began. In different parts of Iceland, different customs developed regarding which of the spouses should invite and coax the new month, but the majority (led by the folklorist I. Arasson) believes that this is the husband's duty.

According to custom, the owner had to get up at dawn and in one trouser leg, jumping on one leg, describe a circle around the estate, welcoming Torri in a sing-song voice. It is not surprising that the priests of that time mentioned this ritual with particular disgust.

Now it is rare to meet an Icelander who thoroughly fulfills an ancient custom: but the day, as before, is called the day of the spouse. And for the male part of the population, this means (double portion) coffee in bed, and - often - flowers from a wife or girlfriend. Women strive to pay as much attention as possible to their soulmate, not only fulfilling, but also anticipating the desires of their beloved.

If you were waiting for a reason to please your beloved man, know that he has come.