The day of the founding of the Red Cross Society in Ukraine (18/04)

On April 18, Ukraine celebrates the Foundation Day of the Red Cross Society, the oldest organization that embodies mercy, humanism, help and support.

On October 28, 1992, the President of Ukraine signed a Decree on the Red Cross Society of Ukraine, according to which the Society was recognized as the only National Red Cross Society authorized to support public authorities in their activities in the humanitarian sphere.

The history of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine (Ukr. Association of the Red Cross of Ukraine) has already 100 years. On April 15-18, 1918, the 1st Congress of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine took place in military-revolutionary Kiev, and April 18 is considered the date of the beginning of the activities of the Red Cross. The congress was convened on the initiative of the Mariinsky community of sisters of mercy of the Red Cross, which since 1878 has provided charitable medical assistance to those in need in the capital.