Day of the creation of Russian government relations (01/06)

June 1, 1931 is officially considered the Day of the Creation of Government Communications in the USSR, when the country's own long-distance high-frequency communication network was put into operation. The United State Political Administration (OGPU) under the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR has been working on its creation since 1928. The new type of communication received the code name "HF communication".

The need to create a special connection for the needs of public administration was due to the fact that all previously existing types of communication - telegraph from the middle of the 19th century, then telephone, passing through public communication networks - could not provide the messages transmitted with due confidentiality.

Testing of HF communications in test mode took place in 1930 - a connection was established from Moscow to Kharkov, at that time the former capital of the Ukrainian SSR. The check was successful. Soon, high-frequency communication began to be actively used in the work of government.