Juliet's birthday (16/09)

On September 16, the Italian city of Verona celebrates the holiday of – Juliet's birthday, the famous Shakespearean heroine of the saddest story in the world.

Although at the time of the events described in the tragedy of « Romeo and Juliet » the main character is not yet 14 years old, letters from all lovers addressed to Juliet still come to Verona, with requests for advice or parting words in a difficult love situation.

The girls from the Juliet club ( Club di Giulietta ), founded in 1972 by Giulio Tamassia ( Giulio Tamasia ), respond to letters. About 5,000 letters come to the club every year, including by e-mail. Not a single message is left unanswered.

In honor of the birthday of Juliet, Capulet is held festive events: performances, festivals, carnivals. On this day, a literary prize for professional writers Scrivere per amore is awarded, and, of course, film screenings of the print history are held.

The nurse in a conversation with Lady Capulet mentions the birth of her ward on the day of the harvest: « Even or odd, of all days in the year, Come Lammas Eve at night shall she be fourteen ». What was translated into Russian by Pasternak, like: « And fourteen blowjob for her on Petrov day, you do not doubt it, I remember well ». In this case, the translation of – « Petrov Day » is completely inaccurate, apparently it was used to better understand the text.

The text of the tragedy also mentions Easter, which happened in May, which, according to the astronomical calendar, occurred in 1302.

Based on these facts, Dr. Giuseppe Viviani set the exact date of birth of Juliet – September 16, 1284.

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