Sinichkin day (12/11)

Sinichkin Day is a Russian ecological holiday, which was created at the initiative of the Russian Bird Conservation Union. It is celebrated annually on November 12th.

On this day, residents of different settlements of the country are preparing to meet the "winter guests" - birds that stay for the winter in the Russian regions: tits, goldfinches, bullfinches, jays, tap dances, waxwings. People prepare food for them, including "titmouse delicacies": unsalted bacon, unroasted pumpkin, sunflower or peanut seeds - they make and hang feeders.

Despite the fact that Sinichkin Day is celebrated relatively recently as an ecological holiday, its history is rooted in the distant past. In the folk calendar, November 12 is listed as the day of memory of the Orthodox Saint Zenobius Sinichnik. According to popular beliefs, it was by this time that the tits, anticipating the imminent cold, flew from the forests closer to human habitation and waited for help from people.