Birthday of a Russian little body (19/08)

In Russia, there are many interesting holidays, there is also one - the birthday of the Russian vest, which is celebrated on August 19th. Although it is not official yet, it is very popular. It is especially widely celebrated in St. Petersburg, where enthusiasts celebrate it as their own tradition.

A vest (also popularly a vest) is a striped undershirt (hence the name), which is worn by military personnel in many countries as a uniform item, but only in Russia has it become a special symbol, a hallmark of real men.

The date of August 19 was also not chosen by chance. There is an opinion that it was on this day in 1874, at the initiative of Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolayevich Romanov, who then held the highest naval rank - Admiral General, Emperor Alexander II signed a decree on the introduction of a new form, with which a vest (a special "underwear" shirt) was introduced as part of the mandatory uniform of the Russian sailor.