International Day of Animal Rights (10/12)

On December 10, many countries around the world celebrate the International Day of Action for the Declaration of Animal Rights or International Animal Rights Day, which was established in 1998 - on the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Human Rights. And this is not a coincidence - it is celebrated on the same day as Human Rights Day because the organizations that established it wanted to emphasize that ALL living beings on the planet have the right to life and protection from suffering.

Unfortunately, few people on earth know that our little brothers also have a World Declaration for the Protection of Their Rights. By the way, it was drawn up precisely on the basis of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and aims to stop the exploitation and killing of animals.

The Universal Declaration of Animal Rights was presented by the International League for Animal Rights on September 23, 1977 in London, and on October 15, 1978 it was solemnly proclaimed in Paris in the UNESCO building. Later, in 1990, at the initiative of the International League for Animal Rights, some changes and additions were made to it.