Day of finding the relics of the blessed Matron of Moscow (08/03)

On this day, the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates the day of finding the relics of the holy blessed old woman Matrona of Moscow, one of the most revered saints in Russia.

Blessed Matrona (Matrona Dimitrievna Nikonova) was born in 1885 in the village of Sebino, Tula province, into a poor family with many children. Therefore, even before the birth of the child, the parents decided to give him to an orphanage, fearing that they would not be able to feed another mouth. But the mother somehow saw a strange dream about a white bird of extraordinary beauty, but blind. Considering the dream to be prophetic, she abandoned the idea of a shelter.

The daughter was born blind, and not just blind - the girl had no eyes at all, and the eye sockets were closed with tightly closed eyelids. But the mother loved her child, and the Lord gave her spiritual sight, choosing her for a special ministry. By the way, they also talk about the external, bodily sign of the Matrona's choice of God - on her chest there was a bulge in the shape of a cross, a miraculous pectoral cross. At baptism, the girl was named Matrona in honor of the Monk Matrona of Constantinople.