St. Ferdinand Castille's Day (30/05)

Saint Ferdinand III (1199-1252), King of Castile, canonized in 1671 by Pope Clement X, almost immediately proved to be very popular with religious officials (governors, for example) and prisoners. And all because of their organizational data. Not only was he a successful administrator, it is said that he more often than other rulers forgave subordinates who plotted against him. To top it off, he was a happy father of nine sons and five daughters, and therefore has long been considered the patron of large families.

Ferdinand of Castile was the son of Alfonso, King of León, and a Castilian princess, and became heir to both thrones. He married Princess Beatrice, daughter of the German king Philip, and his marriage was extremely happy and harmonious.

He became famous as a strict and fair judge, resolutely suppressed uprisings against his power, but after the suppression he equally resolutely pardoned the rebels, preferring thus to neutralize them. The code of laws compiled under him was used until the New Age.