Day 2D artists (02/12)

On December 2, 2D computer graphics designers celebrate their unofficial professional holiday. It is logical that a date was chosen for the holiday, consonant with the name of the profession: 2D - 2 December.

Computer graphics designers are primarily in demand in companies that create computer games. As the artists themselves put it, they work in a "cartoon style". People of this profession often come up with heroes themselves, their images, characters, poses, and then draw them.

As 2D artists point out, there is little that distinguishes them from ordinary brush-based artists. In both cases, first of all, the ability to competently arrange objects, have an idea of \u200b\u200banatomy, have certain knowledge of color science, etc. is required. 2D artists, taking on a new project, first draw it with the help of improvised objects, and only then - in special computer programs. To become a "computer" artist, it is not necessary to have an art education.