Ledovar Day (16/01)

On January 16, all ice pourers - both professional ones working on large ice arenas, and amateurs pouring rinks in courtyards for children - celebrate their professional holiday.

This date was not chosen by chance for him - it was on January 16, 1901, that the American engineer Frank Zamboni was born, who invented the resurfacer - an ice harvester for restoring ice on skating rinks (before the invention, this was done manually).

On any ice arena, all attention is usually riveted on the athletes. However, for successful performances, not only their skills are important, but also the conditions for competitions, in particular ice. How successful the performance of the skaters will turn out, whether it will be possible to skate brightly and without blots - it all depends, among other things, on the quality of the surface, and the icemakers are responsible for it. However, these people always remain in the shadow of the wings and hear the applause of the audience only muffled.