Day of creation of the State Plant Quarantine Service in Russia (05/06)

On June 5, 1931, a unified State Quarantine Service was created under the People's Commissariat for Agriculture of the USSR. This date is considered the day of the creation of the State Plant Quarantine Service in Russia.

Plant quarantine is a system of state measures aimed at protecting the plant resources of the country from the importation and invasion from other countries of quarantine and other especially dangerous pests, pathogens and weeds, and in the event of penetration of quarantine objects - to localize and eliminate their foci.

Although trade in plants and seeds between countries has a long history, nevertheless, until the end of the 19th century, there were no coordinated actions aimed at preventing the spread of dangerous pests. Then some of the states trading in these goods began to attempt to protect their plant resources from pests and diseases by forming organizations whose duties included plant quarantine.