Youth Day in Belarus (26/06)

Every year on the last Sunday of June, Belarus celebrates Youth Day - a holiday of creativity and inspiration, energy and enthusiasm, knowledge and self-affirmation, love and romance.

It has been leading its history since the existence of the USSR, when the "Soviet Youth Day" was celebrated on the last Sunday of June. On March 26, 1998, the President of Belarus A. Lukashenko signed Decree No. 157 “On public holidays, holidays and memorable dates in the Republic of Belarus”, which prescribed to celebrate the “Youth Day” in the country annually on the last Sunday of June.

In Belarus, youth policy has long been one of the priorities in the activities of the state. In the last few years alone, many youth programs and projects have been implemented. The role of youth media has grown significantly. Dozens of children's and youth television programs have been created. Along with this, active work is underway to improve the system of preschool, basic and secondary education, higher education is being reformed, and the legal framework is being improved.