National Potato Day in Peru (30/05)

Every May 30, Peru celebrates National Potato Day (Dia Nacional de la Papa).

Today, potatoes are one of the most common and widespread foods and are found in almost all cuisines of the world. Although each nation has its own history of its appearance, cultivation and consumption, the attitude towards this culture has developed the same everywhere - the potato was liked and became a mass product all over the world.

But in Peru, this vegetable is not just loved, here they have a special attitude towards it. Potatoes are considered in this country the cultural heritage and national pride of the Peruvians. They call him "dad" here. It is no secret that South America is the birthplace of the potato, and the Peruvians claim that it was in their country that it appeared about 8 thousand years ago. By the way, in Peru there are more than 3 thousand species of this tuber, and only here the largest number of wild species still grows.